Golf SoCal Style

By Tony Mascarenas

Golf SoCal Style

Welcome to Golf SoCal Style

This will be a blog about my journey as a golfer in the Southern California region. So. Cal. is one of the largest and what I feel is one of the best locations to be and play golf. There are a couple of other regions in the entire world that come close but if you weigh in all the courses, the availability of equipment, great weather and other activities to do when not golfing there is no question this is a great location for a golfer.

I would describe my ability to play the game as above average (only cause there are a lot of hacks out there). I have played at some of the most exclusive courses from Sherwood to Riviera and some of the best public courses from Trump National to Torrey Pines. I have also spent my fair share of time on executive courses like David L Baker, Penmar to Colton Golf Course. I feel all courses offer their own benefits and challenges and learned how to appreciate all different types of courses.

Like most golfers, I have bought into all the hype each year of how the new driver with a couple of weights and new shaft is going to make me hit it longer and straight down the middle. I have a collection of putters that range from mallet to blade, feather light to solid lead. So I can share the fact that no matter what I am swinging its still me swinging the club. But there are some that work better for certain golfers and I have learned this from trying, watching others and talking to manufactures and golf shop owners and club fitters.

I also will be letting you know all the deals that I come across. So. Cal. is a not short on courses so the competition for golfers is fierce so when I know of a can’t miss deal I will share the wealth. If you would like to get in touch with me please email:

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