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By Eric Lohman

Ask The Pro

USGA is way “out of bounds” with the no anchoring rule!!!!


10 Reasons why I think the USGA and R&A have overstepped their boundaries by banning Belly and Long Putters (no more anchoring)

1) This has been allowed for decades and you suddenly feel like a rule is going to make the game better more equitable in competition.   “Wha chyou talking about Willis?”

2)      Telling a man he can’t use his belly putter is like telling your wife she can only use half of her credit card or your in-laws the room is free, but I have to charge for sheets and towels.  “You get a free bowl of soup with that hat? Hey but it looks good on you.”

3)      Some people who use belly or long putters use them because their backs hurt, their nerves are shot, and they have lost all confidence with a regular type putter.   Way to handicap the handicapped.  “Fahget about it!!!”

4)      On one hand you want to grow the game and on the other you want to ban a way that some people believe makes the game easier for the masses.    Hello!!!! You are a contradiction of yourself. “Come on Mannnn!!!”

5)      What is next? Banning rescue clubs because they help people get the ball air born?  Banning gloves because they help you hold onto the club? Banning sweaters because they keep you warm and comfortable?  Banning course bathrooms so that you can relieve yourself? “I noticed your grips were worn Judge Smells, I should have told you and put some stickem on them.”

6)      Why not focus your energies on making the game more sustainable, more accepted, more affordable, more fun???   Boo hoo USGA and R&A, boo hoo!!!!  “FORE!!!”

7)      Hey I have a better idea, why not have less rules, then more rules.  If I wanted to use 15 clubs so be it.  If I wanted to use a juiced up ball, allrighty then!!!! If I wanted to bump my ball to a better lie to make it easier, then ole!!!!  “Do you like movies about gladiators Bobby?”

8)      If you are going to ban belly putters you might as well ban white drivers, yellow balls, pom pom headcovers and neon shirts.   If you don’t want any silly, make a real statement.  “Porterhouse I said no wax buildup!!!”

9)      If you “Drive for show and putt for dough” why in the hell did you just shut down our ATM?

10)   Clergy worldwide will revolt when swear words (as a result of more missed putts and sore backs) start echoing through canyons, near residences and schools.  I am more afraid how the adults will act.   “The name of golf came by default.  All the other four letter words had already been taken.”

Our USGA is missing the boat badly on this one.    Too bad really.  Then again with all that free time and $$$$ what else could they have been working on??? Hmm I don’t know…maybe growing the game!!!!



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