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“Play for Tom” at Golf Club of California

The Tom Williams Fundraiser

Have you heard of a similar story of a humble family man who’s loved by many, touched many peoples lives, and diagnosed with a deadly disease of pancreatic cancer? A life threatened at too early of an age. Family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances showing up to support the family under the circumstances concerning medical bills, mortgage, other basic necessities bills, and being there to share the love and good will for another human being. I experienced that kind of tournament this week at Golf Club of California.

Tom Williams, who has been the GM for Golf Club of California and also at Velano Country Club was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and didn’t have any medical insurance. I am very familiar with scenario since my grandfather had the same disease and we had to deal with Hospice. The tournament raised money in support of Tom. Many members from both Golf Club of California and also The Colony were Tom also worked for many years before transitioning to Golf Club of California participated in the tournament. It was a heart felt day with people showing up to share their generosity towards this man and his family. Tom, after having surgery just three weeks prior was was the guest of honor during the banquet.

It was a day full of love, support, hope, and faith. According to a Tom’s good friend, the doctor feels confident that they were able to remove all of the solid hard mass of cancer. Colleagues are doing what they can to keep Tom’s position available when he is strong enough to return to work. Let’s all pray for the healing process of this man’s pancreas and finances to keep his home.

If you feel touched, moved, or inspired from the blog to contribute in the good will for Tom’s Family please pass the blog along for others to read or contact Darrcy at Golf Club of California for additional donations at (760) 451-3700.

This type of event demonstrates how people can impact others lives for years. Tom shared with me that there were faces he has not seen in twenty years. People of all areas of the US showed up regardless of distance or type of weather conditions to support another human being and his family.

I took over two hundred photos at the event of these extraordinary people who came together for one particular experience, “Play for Tom”. Those who participated now have experienced a day that will make a difference in the lives of another and Images with Passion and Purpose.  All who were there can share the power of community coming together. In order to keep on strong, we as a conscience whole created good vibes at the Golf Club of California for the Tom Williams Foundation and raised monies for the cause.

If you participated in the event and would like to purchase the screen saver images contact or call at 949.283.5926. We will be donating monies raised from the orders to Tom’s Family.

If you have a special cause that your passionate about, take the time to make a difference and have a charity golf tournament. It is a wonderful way to spend the day and raise money and awareness.

Make it your best shot….

Shanda (as in panda)

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