Golf SoCal Style

By Tony Mascarenas

Golf SoCal Style

New Polara Driver!

One of the most frustrating things in golf is to walk up onto a tee box and look at a huge wide open fairway then it tee up and hit your ball into the rough or trees.  Polara Golf feels your pain and knows there is a lot of us out there who are challenged to consistently hit the ball straight down the middle and keep it in the short grass for 18 holes.

So a few years ago Polar brought a ball to the market that went straighter then your typical ball.   And then a year or so later they improved that design to make their ball go even straighter.  Now, Polara is bringing a driver to work with that ball to help hit it farther and keep you landing in the middle of the fairway.



Polara Golf’s Advantage Drivers™ are designed to exceed the USGA’s distance limits. Available in four lofts: 10.5, 12, HL1 and HL3. The HL1 and HL3 are specifically engineered to work with the Polara Golf Ultimate Straight™ golf balls to deliver the straightest and longest shots in golf. The drivers are 475cc and are designed with an exclusive ultra-thin, beta-titanium face. These non-conforming drivers are larger than the USGA allows and have a large sweet spot providing fewer mishits. Polara Golf designs products to make the game of golf more enjoyable.



• Non-conforming, advantage-driven: 475cc over sized head has a larger sweet spot for fewer mishits

• Non-conforming, advantage-driven: exceeds the USGA’s face velocity limit by up to 15%

• Non-conforming, ultra-thin, beta-Titanium face: stronger, lighter and more resilient

• Low lofts (10.5 and 12 degree) are designed for maximum driver distance with any ball

• Mid Lofts (12 degree and HL1) are designed to maximize distance when using the Ultimate Straight™ or Ultimate Straight-XS ball

• High Lofts (HL1 and HL3) provide the added loft to achieve maximum distance for slower club head speeds–for children, women and senior men



• Any golfers who want to achieve maximum distance with their driver, whether they have high or low swing speeds.

• Golfers who use the Polara Golf Ultimate Straight™ golf ball and want to achieve maximum distance while preventing hooks and slices.



Available in four lofts (10.5, 12.0, HL1 (18.0 deg), HL3 (24.5 deg)) with a variety of graphite shafts.


Polara Golf Company invents and sells golf equipment that is only limited in its performance by the laws of physics. All of our products are designed for recreational golfers who want to take advantage of technological improvements to lower their scores and enjoy the game more.


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