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Welcome to Shanda Photographic Southland Golf Magazine’s Blog. I am going to share with you images, stories, and news worthy notes related to golf and what’s around the courses that you just may have to check out for yourself.

I thought it may nice for you to get to know me a better.

Who’s Behind the Lens:

When I first played golf it was at Driftwood in Huntington Beach as a weekend family outing and I was pretty young. I think there were only a few times I ever recall the family playing before they closed it down in order to build on the land. I than decided to pick up the game during my sophomore year in high school. I borrowed some clubs and actually made the varsity team. I was the only girl. The acronym for golf at that time was gentle men only ladies forbidden, especially when the coach would be tell lesbian stories from the “good old cop days”.

My junior year in high school, I went back to playing on the varsity girls softball team and continued to play softball in college. In 1994, I started working at Pelican Hill Golf Club in the Food and Beverage Department. One of the pro’s in the shop asked me why I didn’t play. I explained to him my experiences in high school and felt the sport was not for women. I remember him saying “ It’s too pretty of a place for you not to play.”

One day, the pro and I set out after work for a few holes.   

I used the ladies Callaway rental clubs. At the time they were the S2H2’s. We went out to play the Links Course. Today it is known as the North Course. I tripled the first hole which is a par 5 and then stuck it inches from the hole on #2 for a birdie. I was so excited! I blew the ball in the hole without even taking a stroke and exclaimed, “Can I count that as a hole-in-one?”  I was so frustrated that I came that close to a hole-in-one and didn’t get it.  So I decided between the excitement and the frustration to start golf up again.

One day Glen Deck needed some help at the golf academy and I had the opportunity to work with Glen, Dr. David Wright, Derek Hardy and a few others. It was great and I learned so much about the game of golf. I even assisted them with drills to make sure the students were doing them correctly. I also was able to hear stories about the many great players from the past including Sam Snead and Ben Hogan. I learned so much from the short experience and I am so appreciative for being part of the golf school which today is known as the Pelican Hill Golf Academy.  Glen also invited me to attend a two day ladies only clinic at the school. It was a small group of us including a pregnant lady. On day two we all went out for a group playing lesson on the North Course. Glen was fabulous with his instruction and help all of us. 

Dr. David Wright’s philosophy about visualization was key for me and I apply it to my life as well as seeing and feeling my shots on the course. Derek Hardy, who taught golf all over the world, offered to work with me at the range if I was serious about learning. We went over the fundamentals of the swing plane. Old habits die hard. I sometimes go over the top on my swing and hit a natural fade. Derek also worked with me on correcting my hand position. Today I have a pre-shot routine which helps me keep the proper grip. I learned and experienced golf as it’s finest while working at Pelican Hill.

Here are some scenic photos taken at Pelican Hill North Course.

My passion for both photography and golf also allowed me the privilege to be a teacher’s assistant and participate in golf at Cal State University Fullerton. I graduated in the top ten percent of the school with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Communications, emphasis in Photo-communications, and a minor in Political Science. There are only 67 Associations of College Honor Societies and I became a member of the seventh oldest national honor society, Kappa Tau Alpha. KTA is the National Honor Society for Journalism and Mass Communications.

Therefore, my job in the food and beverage department at Pelican Hill came to an end in order to finish up the last semester in college where I was a staff photographer for the Daily Titan Newspaper. I started working as an advertising executive and freelance photographer for what today is Southland Golf Magazine. I went on to pursue another area of passion, and currently hold a multiple subject teaching credential through the state of California and work with children as a coach. My love for images with passion and purpose on and off the golf course has allowed me to work with some big name companies and photographers. I have rebranded in 2012 as Shanda Photographic. I chose the name Shanda Photographic because Shanda is who I am, graphic means to remember, and photo means light. Remember light Shanda. So I invite you to follow the blog and enjoy what I see.


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