Ask The Pro

By Eric Lohman

Ask The Pro

A few reasons I don’t like the rain….

1) My golf ball doesn’t know how to swim and gets scared.

2) I prefer the long ball and in wet/humid conditions my ball flies limp like spaghetti.

3) If I wear too many layers I feel like I just ate “Thanksgiving Supper” at the Golden Corral near the freeway.

4) Rain gear is a bad excuse for a sauna/day spa.

5) I like my Nike golf shoes too much to get them dirty.

6) Umbrellas and me don’t get along.   Like the Lakers.

7) Due to cart path only rules (often when it rains) I actually have to walk to my ball and then I feel like I am getting too much exercise :)

8) Usually with rain and cold weather comes Coots.  A sad excuse for a bird and actually something that doesn’t “Taste Just Like Chicken.”

9) Drinks taste better when you are hot and thirsty (except a good cup of joe or hot chocolate, but they sure arn’t a Pacifico!!!)

10) What can I say, I’m just a big fan of sunshine and today isn’t the “Greatest Day of My Life!!!!”  A lame attempt at bringing a Caddyshack quote to my blog.

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